Sally will tailor a presentation to suit your event, taking into account your requested topic, your event theme, the size of the audience, and the goals of your organisation. Contact Sally to discuss your needs, her availability and pricing. 

Sample Speech Topics

Doctor,  Cure Thyself: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Sally is the only person she knows who undertook doctoral studies chiefly to overcome imposter syndrome. With her doctorate in hand, she now realises that people from all walks of life live with the fear of being caught out being not as in control as they might appear.  With humour, and a touch of wisdom, Sally shares her own journey and offers insights into how listeners can overcome imposter syndrome without necessarily studying for years.

Suitable for conferences, dinners and professional development. 

Contact Sally to book this speech,or to have Sally tailor something for your event.

Sample Workshops

Tag Yourself: Figuring Out Who You Are, and Who You Want to Be

Who are you? For humans of all ages, this mini-workshop aims to help you figure out your tag. Who do you tell people you are, and who do you want to be? Hopefully by the end of this session, not only will you be able to answer those two questions but you will be well on the way to having the second answer becoming your first.   

Who this workshop is for: everyone

Can be tailored for:  workplaces, women’s groups,  retirees, mothers groups, creatives, teenagers, children.


Creative Living: The Courage to Follow Your Creative Dreams

Want to write a book? Set up  business as an artist? Design t-shirts?  This workshop aims to get you inspired and heading in the right direction. With activities to figure out what it is you want to do, and why, as well as practical strategies for getting started.

Who this workshop is for: dreamers and creatives

Can be tailored for:  writing groups, arts groups, women’s groups and so on.

Contact Sally to book one of these workshops, or request a different one. 


Want to meet with Sally one-one-one or in a small group? Sally is available for online and face-to-face mentoring. Whether this is a one-off or ongoing, contact Sally  to discuss what she can do, and her pricing. 

Get Published

Sally will meet with you (in person or online) to coach you on getting published, building an on-line profile, figuring out your writing focus or planning a development path.  One-off sessions or five session packages available.

Creative Life

Sally will meet with you (in person or online) to coach you on building a career or paying hobby as a writer, craftsperson, blogger or other creative, fine tuning your focus, and working to set up and build your network and profile.  One-off sessions or five session packages available.

For Groups

The above coaching can be tailored to small groups.

Contact Sally  to discuss what she can do, and her pricing. 


An experienced teacher and academic, with a Doctorate in Children's Poetry, Sally is available to run professional development in schools or at conferences and professional development days. She can also add a PD session for teachers to an author visit for children. Contact Sally for availability, and to discuss your needs.