Fairy Dust: Or Awesome Dads

possum Magic.jpg

One of my favourite past-times is people watching. It might sound creepy, but I love to watch people, and even eavesdrop on what they are saying. It’s often not deliberate, but I’ll overhear a snippet of conversation and I can’t help but be intrigued.

So, recently, I was walking throughand airport and the man walking next to me said:

“Ohhhhh. So, she grinds your teeth up to make fairy dust so she can fly? That’s awesome!”

When you hear a snippet like that you just have to look, and there was the man, earphones on and phone held in front of him, with a little girl looking back at him. A dad, I assume, talking to his daughter back at home, wherever home might be.

And I couldn’t help but think that, not only is the fairy dust awesome, but so is this dad. I don’t know if he knew people could hear him, or if he saw the look on my face, but I don't think he so. He was giving his little girl his undivided attention. 

But what I wanted to say is “Hey, random dad. Not only is the fairy dust thing awesome, but YOU are awesome. Lucky child to have a dad who shares your joy. And lucky dad, too. Don’t ever stop being that dad who believes in fairy dust.”

Do you believe in fairy dust?  If not, why the heck not? There's magic everywhere - even in airport waiting areas!