For Children

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Festival Acts

The Poet Tree

A poetry installation inviting children – and adults  –  to add a poem to the tree. With Sally as a poet-in-residence to talk poetry, and help with poetry prompts, see the tree blossom over the course of your festival.

The Reading-Writing Show

Combining facts, humour and audience interaction, Sally promotes three key messages: read every day, write every day and, when stuck for an idea, ask ‘what if?’  Audience participation is encouraged, and children will be so busy having fun they may not realise they’re learning!

Poet in the House

For audiences of any size or age group, Sally performs original poems, sharing the stories behind  them, and encouraging audience interaction.

Dr Read

Combining her real-life doctorate in children’s poetry, with her love for life, Sally will roam your festival in her Dr Read outfit, prescribing reading, writing and poetry to cure imaginary ailments.

 School or Festival Sessions

Meet the Author

Tailored to the age of the audience, these sessions include a combination of reading from one or more of my books, and talking about the writer’s life – where ideas come from, how they are shaped into stories, and the steps in producing a book. Questions are encouraged, and sessions are usually very interactive.

 Looking Up (NEW)

What if you got a card in the mail from a stranger? How would you react? This workshop uses a greeting card as a starting point for plotting a story with YOU as the main character. Suitable for 7-11 year olds.

Do Not Forget Australia (NEW)

2018 marks the 100th Anniversary of a battle in the French village of Villers-Bretonneux, a battle which forged a friendship between France and Australia. Sally Murphy's picture book, Do Not Forget Australia tells the story of this friendship in an accessible form. She is available to visit schools, libraries and festivals to share the story in a session tailored to the age of the audience.

Sometimes I Cry

For middle primary through to secondary students, Sally talks about the tougher topics she deals with in her verse novels and historical picture books, and why she feels they are important.

You can Write Poetry

Tailored to the age group, a hands on writing workshop where participants are enabled to write free verse poetry. Suitable for primary, secondary or adult participants.

But I Don't Know What to Write!

For any age group, lots of ideas to get started, and how to keep going. The aim of this workshop is for participants to just write – and they will.

Going Deeper

For classes who have studied one of her works, Sally will tailor a discussion around themes and issues that have arisen during their reading, giving readers a chance to have their questions answered.

Whole Day Writing Workshop (NEW)

Want to build your students' writing skills in an in-depth experience? Drawing on one or more of her books, Sally will structure a day of activities to your chosen area of writing, including poetry, narrative, character development, plotting and more.

Belonging (NEW)

Connecting creative writing with speaking skills, and exploring social justice and themes of belonging, this workshop uses poetry activities to connect students with classmates, the community and the wider world.